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AMH Blood Test

I am 30 years old. Recently, I went for a fertility checkup as I am planning to have a baby. The gynecologist suggested a  AMH blood test ? What is it?

Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) blood test one of the fertility tests to assess the ovarian reserve. The hormone is produced by the cells in the growing egg sacs (ovarian follicles).

Every woman is born with a fixed amount of ovarian follicles. When a woman grows older, the number of follicles decreases. The levels of the AMH also decline until it becomes undetectable near the menopause

Because the levels of AMH correlate with the number of follicles, the test is generally a good indicator of the ovarian reserve. It gives some insight into the remaining quantity of eggs and number of fertile years you may have, but does not tell us about the quality of these eggs.

The test is useful in the following situations:

•      You want to know if your ovarian reserve is appropriate for your age

•         In fertility treatments, low levels of AMH could indicate a potentially poor response to medications and high levels may indicate an exaggerated response.

•          You want to know how chemotherapy or ovarian surgery has affected your future fertility

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