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aLife Mothers' Assistance (ALMA)

aLife set up ALMA program to help alleviate hardships faced by low-income families with young or ‘special needs’ children, to ensure that these children do not go without basic sustenance in their crucial growing years.

aLife is committed to assisting new mothers who are in financial difficulty to provide the basic necessities to their newborn from birth up, until the infant attains the age of two (2).

More importantly, ALMA aims to provide community support in the form of befriending to young families facing marital and parenting challenges through the monthly visits when the milk and diapers are delivered. Through friendships, aLife’s dedicated befrienders provide a listening ear to these families. This is crucial as these beneficiaries might be experiencing care-giver stress and new mental challenges with the introduction of a new family member.


aLife regularly reviews the client’s household situation to see how best it can help the family. aLife collaborates with other voluntary organisations and government agencies to provide holistic assistance to the family.

ALMA Program is not just about delivering milk, diapers and other basic supplies to needy families, befrienders are also called to journey with them, providing the necessary support structure to decrease the social isolation experienced by families with complex needs. During the visits, befrienders interact and track the progress of the baby’s growth. It is a fulfilling experience to see healthy babies and families find their footing during the difficult moments of their lives.

If you like to help either by donating to this cause or be an ALMA befriender, please Contact Us.

If you are a social service agency that knows of a financially strapped family who needs ALMA, call us at 62588816 during office hours or email us at