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Sponsor a Child

Guidelines of Sponsor-A-Child


You can be a Sponsor via Giving.Sg

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You can be a Sponsor via aLife


How Much?

A monthly donation of $200 will support 1 ALMA child’s baby supplies.  Alternatively, you may choose to provide a yearly donation of $2400 to support 1 ALMA child for a period of 1 year. 


What does it cover?

The amount of $200/month also covers basic baby essentials such as baby rusks, vitamins, toiletries as well as operational causes that enable the families to be connected to resources such as grocery support, employment opportunities and professional services. We also utilize the funds to promote family-bonding such as annual family trips to local places of interest or mother-and-child bonding such as therapy or baby massage.


Will there be update?

Every Sponsor will receive a token of appreciation from an ALMA family with a brief note of the kind of resources our ALMA families have received for the year, thanks to your sponsorship. 


How can I do more?

You may also choose to volunteer on a monthly basis as a befriender to interact with some of our ALMA families, should you choose to do so. Please reach out to us to opt for this opportunity at 6258 8816.  Do note that you will be allocated to a family based on our administrative measures and not the sponsorship level.

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“My kids and I always look forward to our befrienders and staff visiting. I am thankful to have someone to talk to and help me out and my 2 kids, especially when things are tough for me. When my pram broke, they found a donor to help me too. I can now bring the kids out to play without worrying. Thank you aLife for helping me out for the last few months.” 

- Mdm Ros, ALMA client

Sponsor a Child, Save a Family

ALMA is a starting point where we journey with the families and helping them to find financial and emotional stability. We move forward with the belief that with a strong social network such as what we have tailored through ALMA, our clients will be empowered to make a difference in their own lives, one day at a time. 

As a Sponsor, you will be able to provide these families with an option of paving a way for themselves and their little ones.


Read on to discover the voices of those in ALMA

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Our Voice

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“As befrienders, we dedicate time to do monthly deliveries and spend time interacting with the family. Through our small actions such as these, I hope that we can make a difference in their lives slowly. Afterall, I believe that every child is precious and deserves to be cared for and loved. ALMA gives me a chance to express this sentiment.”

- Fi Ling, long-term ALMA Befriender

“While ALMA caregivers have the same worries for their children and futures as many of us, they do not have the same financial or emotional resources to tap on. Hence, ALMA serves as a good platform to connect them to the relevant resources. Most of our graduating mothers continue to face issues but with ALMA, they have a different, more self-reliant perspective towards these challenges. That shows that we have achieved the slight difference and mobility that we had aimed for.” 

- Saras, ALMA Caseworker

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Our Client

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Singapore Tax Deduction

Donations of above $50 made to aLife Ltd are tax-deductible. All personal and corporate donations are entitled to:  2.5 times Tax Deduction

Once you provide your NRIC / FIN / UEN No., the information together with your donation details will be sent directly to Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) and the donation deductions will be automatically included in your individual tax assessment without the need to declare the donation amount in your income tax return.


Note: As part of our Go-Green efforts, issuance of physical tax-deductible receipts will cease with effect from January 2022 and are replaced by e-receipts. To receive your e-receipts (upon request), please provide us your email address. 

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