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Caterpillar Club

To Educate, Equip & Empower children aged 4 to 12, through comprehensive & immersive programs.

What do we do?

The Caterpillar Club is a children's character-building enrichment programme for children aged 4 to 12 years old who are primarily from low-income and disadvantaged families. Through comprehensive and immersive programmes, the Caterpillar Club aims to empower, educate & equip children with necessary life skills.


The programme is run by a team of competent staff and committed volunteers every Saturday during the school year, and on an ad-hoc basis during school holidays.

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  • To strengthen the character, identity and resilience of the child;

  • To develop self-esteem and inculcate a strong sense of social values from an early age;

  • To equip the child with necessary life skills to empower them to lead productive lives;

  • To improve literacy and language skills for effective communication and self-expression

  • To identify, encourage and develop the child's innate talents;

  • To affirm and celebrate each child’s unique personality;

  • To cultivate independent thinkers and motivate each child’s intrinsic creativity

The Caterpillar Club Aims to:

What do the Workshops include?

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English Literacy & Story Telling

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Natural Science

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Martial art forms

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Computer Literacy

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Youth Leadership

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Sports & Gymnastics

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Visual Art & Craft

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Discovering the outdoors

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Speech & Drama

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Music Appreciation

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The fees are $100 per half-year or $200 for the whole year. 

If a family is unable to afford the fees, aLife will assess on a case-by-case basis to reduce or waive the fees so that no needy children will be turned away.

How much does it cost?

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