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Why Volunteer?

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Make a Difference

Play an important role in the community by contributing and making an impact on the lives of other Singaporeans.

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Gain New Skills

Have the opportunity to attend relevant training classes and learn new skills while volunteering.

Meet New Friends

A great way to manage stress, widen your social circle and work with like-minded individuals.

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aLife Limited
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Our programmes in aLife create volunteering opportunities to lend a helping hand. We believe we can aid more underprivileged families and individuals to improve their lives with your help.


Learn about our beloved volunteers and students' experiences in the video below.

How will you make a difference?

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Not Sure Where to Start?

Let us help you kickstart your volunteering adventure.

Firstly, what type of volunteer are you?

Our Volunteering Opportunities

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For Pairs or Individual Volunteers

aLife is looking for dedicated and committed volunteers who visit homes to befriend our ALMA clients and deliver monthly supplies of milk, diapers and baby products.


During the visit, ALMA befrienders take the time to listen and interact with the mother to better understand the family situation and provide a listening ear. 

Mothers, Families

Once a Month

10 Volunteer(s) needed

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Skill-Based Volunteers

For Pairs or Individual Volunteers

We are looking for talented & committed individuals who can support us in any of the following area(s):

• Admin

• IT

• Marketing & Communications (Design) 

Organization Operations


2 Volunteer(s) needed

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For Individual Volunteers

aLife is seeking mature individuals who possess passion, empathy and commitment to help women who are experiencing unplanned pregnancy.

SUPeRF befrienders are good listeners and caring volunteers who provide emotional support and resource facilitation. 

Mothers, Women

Once a Week/ Ad-Hoc

10 Volunteer(s) needed

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Caterpillar Club

For Pairs or Individual or Large Group Volunteers

Volunteers must be responsible, patient, and committed. They are able to interact, manage and mentor children from all walks of life, including those with learning disabilities and/or social/ personality disorders. They should be comfortable with planning and conducting enrichment activities. 

Preferred age of above 18 years old.

Children, Youth

Once a Week/ Forthnight/ Month