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Support for Unplanned Pregnancies Resource Facilitation (SUPeRF)

If you or someone you know is pregnant and needs support.

We are here for you.

Call us at aLife Hotline 9183 4483


aLife provides pregnancy assistance to any woman confronted by an unplanned and unsupported pregnancy. aLife's Resource Facilitators, a trained and experienced team comprising para-counsellors and professional volunteers provide a listening ear to women in pregnancy crisis. Resource facilitation offers clients a friendly and impartial setting to present and discuss their situations. The main objective is for clients to obtain clarity so as to make informed choices they are comfortable with.


aLife offers the following:
• Listen to client’s concern in a calm and non-judgmental manner;
• Explain the fetus development chart, procedure of abortion and pregnancy;
• Provide pertinent information on government schemes available such as Baby Bonus and HOPE scheme;
• Provide alternative courses such as child adoption, financial assistance schemes and medical counselling;
• Act as an intermediary to provide referral services to government and social service agencies for follow-up assistance;
• Follow-up support to maintain friendly relation with client regardless of outcome;
• Connect to ALMA (milk, diapers & essentials) programme for needy clients.

If you know of anyone who is pregnant and needs support, please call 9183 4483.