aLife provides opportunities for any individual or corporate who wishes to engage in meaningful activities and contribute back to the community. Here are some programmes where you can volunteer.



aLife is seeking mature individuals who possess passion, empathy and commitment to help women who are experiencing unplanned pregnancy are in a family crisis. 

SUPeRF and ALBUM befrienders are good listeners and caring volunteers who provide emotional support and resource facilitation. 

📅 Once a week / ad-hoc

Caterpillar Club


Caterpillar Club and YALE volunteers must be responsible, patient, and committed. They are able to interact, manage and mentor children from all walks of life, including those with learning disabilities and/or social/ personality disorders. Preferred age of 18 years and above.


1) plan and conduct enrichment activities for the Caterpillar Club or YALE; or

2)  interact and mentors children.

📅 Once a week / fortnight / month


aLife is looking for dedicated and committed volunteers who visit the homes of our ALMA clients, to befriend as well as deliver monthly supplies of milk, diapers & baby products.

During the visit, ALMA befrienders take the time to listen, interact with the mother to better understand the family situation and provide a listening ear.

📅 Once a month


aLife needs volunteers with a passion and compassion to help children who are falling behind their peers in literacy. 

Those with English, phonics and/or teaching backgrounds is an asset.

📅 Once a week


If you have a creative fundraising project or would like to assist us in fundraising, please contact us at 62588816 or drop us an email at


For corporate, schools or group sign-ups & other enquiries, please email us at

We are looking for talented & committed individuals who can support us in marketing & communications (design), admin or IT, please email us at

Preference is given to regular volunteers who can commit a least 6 months.