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What is CT scan of the pelvis?

Q. I am 54 year old and menopausal. Recently I had some vague lower abdominal discomfort.  I went for a gynaecological check-up. My gynaecologist suggested CT scan of the pelvis. Is it safe? I heard that the scan may increase my risk of cancer.

A. CT scan is one of the common medical imaging techniques. It helps create images of structures in your body by using a small, targeted amount of ionizing radiation. It provides much clearer and more detailed images than traditional X-rays do. It helps doctors diagnose and detect growths and many medical conditions. With such low doses of radiation used in a CT scan, your risk of developing cancer is small. But according to the American College of Radiology, this imaging examination should be done with good medical reasons. Since minimal radiation is used when performing CT scan, the benefits outweigh the small potential risk of cancer.

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