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Tilted womb

Q. I have been married for 2 years. I tried to get pregnant for the past 8 months but was not successful. Recently when I went for a check up, the gynae told me my womb is tilted backwards. Is this something I am born with? Could this be the reason for infertility? Can sexual intercourse change the position of the womb?

Do I have to operate to help me conceived?

A. The womb (uterus) is a pear-shaped organ situated in the lower part of the abdomen between the bladder (urinary passage) and the rectum (bowel). Every woman is born with her uterus in a certain position. It is either tilted forward towards the bladder (anteverted uterus), or backward towards the rectum (retroverted uterus).

About 20%of women are born with retroverted uterus. This is normal. Medical studies have shown that this does not cause infertility as well as miscarriage. To “correct” and bring the womb forwards by surgery is therefore not necessary for conception. Sexual intercourse does not shift the position of the uterus.

However, uterus can be pulled backwards by scar tissues from conditions such as endometriosis (backflow of menstrual blood) and sexually transmitted diseases. These conditions can cause infertility and the tilted uterus can cause pain during sexual intercourse.

To increase chances of conception, you may try the following

¨ Missionary (man on top) position: Gravity will help the semen to deposit in the vagina

¨ Putting a pillow under the buttock after sex. This will allow semen to stay longer in the vagina.

¨ Rest in bed for at least half an hour after sex. The semen will liquefy and some watery

discharge will flow out of the vagina. This is normal. If you still do not get pregnant after trying for a year, you and your spouse should have a proper infertility evaluation.

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