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Sagging breasts

I am a first time mum. My breasts sagged after pregnancy. Could the sagging be due to breast feeding? Can I use natural cream or supplements to help restore the shape of my breasts?

The breasts are attached to the chest wall by supporting ligaments. During pregnancy, increasing levels of hormones cause the breast tissues to grow. As a result, the breasts become enlarged, swollen and heavy. They then drag and stretch these ligaments resulting in sagging breasts after pregnancy.

Other factors that contribute to sagging breasts include aging and smoking, — both of which reduce skin elasticity. Being overweight and having large breasts have a similar effect.

Studies have shown that breast feeding does not result in sagging breasts.

Many nutritional supplements in the form of creams and pills are marketed as a natural method of breast enhancement. They usually contain a variety of herbs with weak stimulatory effect on breast tissues. These plant-derived substances known as phytoestrogens are often marketed as having the potential benefits on breast health. Though some of them may firm up the breasts temporarily, scientific studies have proved their ineffectiveness. Besides, there are no long-term safety profile on these products.

The safe and healthy ways to enhance breast appearance include;

· Maintaining a correct posture

· Eating a healthy diet

· Doing exercises to develop your chest muscles.

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