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Questions and Answers from 25 June 2017 Movie Event

Q. If IVF fail? What can be the other options we can do?

A. IVF is only one of the ways of treating infertility. There are many other ways depending on the cause .

Q. Hi Dr Chew, my husband is on Tegreto. Can he still take multivitamin such as comples B with folic acids etc together or he need to have a 2 hrs break in between?

A. Tegretol is a common brand name for Carbamazepine. It is an anticonvulsant and a mood stabilizer. It can be taken with multivitamin without any break in between

Q. How long after should we try again for a baby after D & C?

A. For D&C, I presume you mean evacuation of the womb after miscarriage. You can try to conceive after 3 months. This is to allow your wife to recuperate from the physical and emotional stress of miscarriage

Q.I am a male type 1 diabetic since 3 years old and currently I am 33 years old. Will it affect my fertility? Should I consider a fertility check after 3 months of unprotected sex?

A. Diabetes can affect fertility. You should have the fertility check after 3 months of unprotected sex.

Q. Can man having slimming pills affect fertility?

A. there are many types of slimming pills. Some may affect fertility.