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Questions and Answers from 25 June 2017 Movie Event

Q. If IVF fail? What can be the other options we can do?

A. IVF is only one of the ways of treating infertility. There are many other ways depending on the cause .

Q. Hi Dr Chew, my husband is on Tegreto. Can he still take multivitamin such as comples B with folic acids etc together or he need to have a 2 hrs break in between?

A. Tegretol is a common brand name for Carbamazepine. It is an anticonvulsant and a mood stabilizer. It can be taken with multivitamin without any break in between

Q. How long after should we try again for a baby after D & C?

A. For D&C, I presume you mean evacuation of the womb after miscarriage. You can try to conceive after 3 months. This is to allow your wife to recuperate from the physical and emotional stress of miscarriage

Q.I am a male type 1 diabetic since 3 years old and currently I am 33 years old. Will it affect my fertility? Should I consider a fertility check after 3 months of unprotected sex?

A. Diabetes can affect fertility. You should have the fertility check after 3 months of unprotected sex.

Q. Can man having slimming pills affect fertility?

A. there are many types of slimming pills. Some may affect fertility.

Q. I used to take diane for my acne condition. I had it for about 6 months and stop after my skin condition gets better. Ever since I stop diane my menstrual cycle is irregular. My menses doesn’t come every month. Shortest is 2 months one time longest can get up to 4 months one time. May I know is there any problem to my health? Does it affect fertility?

A. When you are on Diane, which is an oral contraceptive pills, you would have so called “normal periods” . This is not the “natural menstrual periods” resulting from normal ovulation. After you stop the medication and your menstrual cycle becomes irregular. You should go and have a health check . This may indicate hormonal upset and definitely will affect your chances of conception.

Q. Are there foods for women to eat to encourage more eggs (chances of twins)?

A. Not that I know of.

Q. What are your views of TCM?

A. TCM such as acupuncture has been proven to be useful in infertility treatment.

Q. What about freezing eggs? What’s the procedure like?

A. Egg freezing is a complex procedure. It involves stimulation of the ovary with medications , surgical retrieval of eggs under ultrasound guidance, selection of good quality eggs under microscope and finally storage at very low temperature under very stringent conditions.

Q. What food helps to increase level of progesterone?

A. Not that I know of .There are some herbs that purportedly can raise the levels of progesterone.

Q. I am 23 years old female and have been trying for a baby with my husband for 1 year but there is no result. We are healthy, what could be the issue?

A. You should have a fertility health check to find out the cause and get appropriate advice.

Q. If my husband does not have much strength and low sex drive except in the morning. How do improve?

A. Try to have intimacy in the morning or after a good rest especially during your ovulation period.

Q. If we have been having sex for 5 months and often during fertile and ovulation period, is there any problem with our fertility?

A. You should have a fertility health check to find out the exact cause and get appropriate treatment.

Q. Can we have coffee and tea during pregnancy?

A. Yes. You can have them in moderation.

Q. How would ovarian cyst affect pregnancy?

A. Pl refer to our article “ovarian cyst pregnancy” under “pregnancy “ in our website.

Q. How to increase chance of pregnancy?

A. Pl refer to the article ”Tips for Women Trying to Conceive” under “pre-pregnancy”

Q. What is the purpose of pre conception checkup? What is covered generally?

A. Pl refer to the article “preconception examination “ under “pre-pregnancy”

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