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Q & A: Talk and Movie 17 Dec 2016

1. This few months cycle shorten to 25 days only. Just turned 36 too. Does it matter? Before its 30 days. Longest 35 days.

Normal menstrual period occurs every 21 to 35 days and lasts about 5 days. There is no cause for concern if it remains regular even it is shorten.

2. Hi doc, can you recommend where to go for fertility test in Singapore? What’s the cost of it?

Fertility tests can be done in all restructured hospitals and many private clinics run by gynaecologist with special interest in fertility.

3. Hi, how does Hep B affect fertility?

Hepatitis B or HBV is the most common hepatitis virus. It can be transmitted from mother to infant, through sexual contact, or through contact with infected blood. It does not affect fertility. But if you are planning to conceive, it is good to immunised yourself prior to conception.

4. Cycling will affect sperm quality and quantity. How about running?

Running may also warm up the testes. If your semen analysis is good, running may not affect the quality and quantity of the sperm much.

5. Is it recommended to do ivf if ever had abnormal cyst?

I presume the cyst you mentioned refers to the ovarian cyst. It is advisable to remove the cyst prior to performing the ivf

6. How is surgery to unblock a blocked fallopian tube done? Is there any risk?

Blocked tube can be surgically opened up using microsurgical techniques. But the chances of successful pregnancy are usually low. The risk of ectopic pregnancy may be high.

7. Is there any medical treatment for Varicose veins without surgery?

I do not know of any medical treatment of varicose veins around the testis.

8. Does Adenomyosis affects fertility?

Pl refer to the article adenomyosis in aLife’s website

9. Hi, both fertility test result passed. Both age 31. Tried for 1 year still no baby. Whats the next step?

There are many fertility tests. I do not know the details of the tests you have done. Perhaps you may want to seek a second opinion to review all these fertility tests

10. My wife just suffer from a miscarriage…what are the things to do prior to retrying to have a baby again? Are there any things to avoid doing during the recuperating period? What are the chances of getting pregnant for people suffered from miscarriage?

Please refer to the Q&A section on miscarriage in aLife’s website

11. How long is the recovery time to trying for conception after laparoscopic myomectomy?

The recovery time depends on how many and how big the fibroids you have removed. Pl follow the advice of your gynaecologist before trying to conceive.

12. Does coffee affect fertility for women?

Please refer to the article on Q&A on 16 Nov: “My friend tells me that drinking tea or coffee may affect my chances of conception. I am drinking 2 cups of coffee a day. How much caffeine do they contain? Will I get infertile as a result?”

13. Can antidepressant affect the fetus in the first trimester?

The risk of birth defects and other problems for babies of mothers who take antidepressants during pregnancy is very low. Some medications have been proved safe while other may have been associated with health problems in babies. Please consult your health service provider for advice.

14. Can medicine which helps to stimulate ovulation and help implantation be taken on a monthly basis so as to increase the chances of conception?

It is not necessary to take the medications unless there are problems with ovulation

15. I have to fly for work very often. Weill exposure to radiation in aircraft affect my sperm quality?

The amount of radiation exposure received during commercial flights is too low to affect sperm quality.

16. Does an alkaline diet help increase pH of the vagina so more sperm can survive?

Eating alkaline diet such as vegetables and fruits is good for fertility in general. What impact it has on the vaginal pH and perm survival is unclear.

17. I don’t have vagina discharge during ovulation possible?

If you have regular menstrual flow, you should have clear transparent cervical mucus at ovulation. It is possible that you may not discern it because of many factors such as vaginal or cervical infection and previous surgery to the cervix

18. Are there optimal time of the day for sex for conception?

You should have sex at the ovulation day .There is no optimal time to have sex on that day .

19. What is the best frequency of making love? Will high frequency affect male’s sperm health?

An average of sexual intimacy of 2-3 times a week would be good for conception.

20. Have been having irregular mensus for months. It will come bit by bit for one month and the following month it will be very heavy. Went for ultra scan but it was normal. Is there any problem?

Ultrasound scan only indicates that there are no masses such as uterine fibroid or ovarian cyst in the pelvis. It does not give you the diagnosis of irregular menses. You should consult your gynae to find out the cause and treat appropriately.

21. Is 30+ days menstrual cycle considered normal? If not, what can be done?

Please refer to the article Q&A on intermenstrual bleeding

22. How does a woman perform self-examination to treat viscosity of her cervical mucus to assess her fertility?

You need to be guided for self examination of the cervical mucus.

23. Are there any treatment for delayed ejaculation?

Yes . There are medications for treatment for delayed ejaculation. But you need to see a gynaecologist interested in male fertility for medical assessments

24. There is a test done during menses. For cyst, can elaborate more? How much is it?

I presume you mean ovarian cyst which can be functional or pathological. To differentiate both, you could have your scan done during or soon after menses. The functional cyst would disappear but not the pathological one.

25. Does tinea cruris affect spermicide quality and count?

Tinea cruris is a fungal infection that affects the skin of your genitals, inner thighs and buttocks. It does not affect the quality and count of your sperm

26. Is there a way to increase sperm volume?

Have some changes in your life styles. Reduce stress, eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and have adequate rest.

27. What options are available for older couples (say male>40, female>35)?

If you are still keen to try to conceive, you should have a medical check to sort out the problem early and treat appropriately. . Assisted reproductive procedures may help.

28. At what age would you not recommend to try any more since there are higher chances of child abnormalities?

There is no hard and fast rule regarding what age the person should stop trying to conceive. It depends on the individual’s desire. Foetal abnormalities do increase in children born to older couples but the percentage is not 100%.

29. Does spotting in between period of concern for infertility?

Yes. It can be an indication of impaired fertility. Please refer to the article Q&A on intermenstrual bleeding

30. May I know if there is a difference between clomid and letrozole? Is it better to take letrozole for ovulation?

Clomid (clomiphene) and Letrozole are medications used to treat women with ovulation problems. They work by helping the pituitary gland (a small pea-size gland located at the base of the brain) stimulate the developing eggs in the ovaries through different physiological mechanisms. Both drugs works equally well.

31. Can you share more about vaginismus and what to do please?

Pl refer to the article “Experiencing Painful Sex? Vaginismus?” in our website.

32. What does slight bleeding between periods mean?

Please refer to the article Q&A on intermenstrual bleeding

33. I have bleeding between periods sometimes. Does doing vigorous exercise after menses cause such bleeding symptoms?

Please refer to the article Q&A on intermenstrual bleeding.

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