• Dr Peter Chew

Q&A during Movie and Fertility Talk Event at Cathay Orchard Cineleisure on Saturday 12 March 2016

1. What is the normal amount of semen produced during sexual intercourse? The amount ranges from 2- 5 ml

2. What type of body check should couple do before conception? Any clinic to recommend and cost? Preconception examination or pre-pregnancy care is important in helping couples to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. It involves assessments of the couple’s overall health and identifications of risks factors that may complicate pregnancy. Pl refer to the article “preconception examination” under pre-pregnancy category in our website

3. During menstruation if there are a bit of jelly lumpy discharge is it cyst? Cyst is a collection of liquid in a sac. It usually refers to growth inside the ovary i.e. “ovarian cyst”. The jelly like discharge in your menses is normally due to blood that clots

4. Symptoms of endometriosis? What are the different treatments for endometriosis? What are the chances of fertility with endometriosis? Pl refer to our article “endometriosis” under the category ”gynae conditions”

5. Can Chinese herbal medicine help fertility? Some Chinese herbs may help in the treatment of infertility.

6. Is there a good time in a day to copulate or have sex? There is no scientific study to suggest that copulation during certain time of the day will improve chances of conception. As long as you have sexual intimacy around the time of ovulation, chances of conception will increase.

7. What is the best time in a day for both to have sex to ensure conception? See answer to Q. 6

8. If one fallopian tube is blocked with rooted fibroid, can one still conceive with one good fallopian tube? The chances of conception are reduced if one fallopian tube is blocked but conception is still possible

9. Does excessive caffeine intake affect sperm quality? The jury is still out with regards to the effect of caffeine on the quality of sperm. Some studies even suggested that it may help the motility of the sperm

10. Hi doctor, I have heard that doggy style is also good to get pregnant faster. Is it true? Conception can occur with doggy position. I am not aware that this position will make the woman to get pregnant faster

11. If found had endometriosis, after laparoscopy and during the treatment of GNRH can use acupuncture? Thank you. Acupuncture has been found to aid in fertility treatment.

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