• Dr Peter Chew

Nail polish in pregnancy

If you use nail polish and the remover once in a while, the chemicals probably would not have any negative impact. Studies so far have not revealed any adverse outcome in the baby.Many of the chemicals are organic solvents which are volatile and can be toxic if inhaled in high concentration. The extent of the exposures varies greatly, depending on the ventilation available and care taken in the application of the nail products.

A recent report from the FDA, United States indicates that these chemicals can cause skin irritation, allergic rashes and death.If you are working as a nail technician in a busy nail salon, repeated exposure at work may pose a risk.    You can reduce your exposure by the following measures:

Keep the place well ventilated before you put on the nail polish.

Dry the polish by keeping the client’s arms away from you.

Do not blow on the nails. This will minimize breathing in the fumes.

After painting the nails or removing nail polish, always wash your hands with soap and water to remove any chemical residue.

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