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Fertility health check

Pre-pregnancy check assesses whether the mother is fit to carry the pregnancy to term, whereas fertility health check examines the various fertility-related issues of the husband and wife and evaluates their fertility potentials.

Fertility health check involves an in-depth interview of the couple on the age, duration of trying for a baby, frequency of intercourse, contraceptive method used, sexual history including exposure of sexually transmitted diseases, and lifestyle habits such as drinking and smoking. The man will also be asked on previous surgery or injury to the testes. The woman will be asked if she had previous termination of pregnancies, ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages, or previous pelvic surgery as well as the menstrual history.

A physical examination of the couple will be done with special emphasis on the reproductive system. This is followed by a pelvic scan with ultrasound in the female. After the consultation, blood tests (including hormonal profile) according to the woman’s menstrual cycle will be taken and an appointment for semen analysis given.

The results will be reviewed with the couple within 2 weeks of the first consultation. Additional tests may be customised depending on the profile of the couple. With the interviews, physical examination and detailed investigations and analyses of the results, the fertility potential of the couple can then be ascertained. If there are any cause of concern, fertility treatment options will then be discussed

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