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Alcohol and unborn baby

I am a first-time mum. My friend told me that I could have a glass of red wine occasionally after the first trimester. Will alcohol harm my baby?

Yes. Alcohol can affect the growth and development of your baby by entering its bloodstream through the placenta.It has been associated the following conditions:



Premature birth

Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR): a condition in which the unborn baby is smaller than it should be due to the malfunction of the placenta

Slow development of baby’s brain

Increased risk of the baby having illness , learning and behavioural disorders in infancy, childhood and as an adult

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome: the most severe form of the alcohol-related conditions .Heavy drinking in pregnancy can cause facial deformities, heart defects and mental retardation as well as impaired emotional development, hyperactivity, poor attention span and poor short-term memory.

If you want to avoid all possible alcohol-related risks, you should not take alcohol entirely during pregnancy

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