• Dr Peter Chew

Tips for good nutrition during pregnancy

For Macronutrients :

Proteins (meat 2-3 servings/day)

Carbohydrates(rice and alternatives 5-7 servings/day)

Don’t add sugar in your food. Avoid sweet fizzy drinks, chocolates, ice-cream and desserts.

Choose brown rice, wholegrain products over white refined sugar and flour

Fats (sparingly)

Use canola, sunflower, olive oil for cooking. Avoid palm oil , coconut oil and ghee

For Micronutrients:

Folic acid: green leafy vegetables, fish, fruits and nuts

Iron: meats(beef , chiken, pork and lamb) , fish and green vegetables

Calcium: milk and diary products, tofu, soya products

Omega3-fatty acids: flaxseeds, fish oil

Eat a diet rich in fibre(2 servings of fruits and vegetables each a day) ,so that you feel full and won’t get constipated

Drink plenty of fluids to keep you well hydrated

Continue to take prenatal vitamins and mineral supplements

Avoid trans fats: found most often in frozen foods, pastries, crackers, potato chips, French fries and cookies

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