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Sex toy

Recently, a husband consulted me on the use of vibrator, a sex-toy for his wife who had low sexual desire. I advised him that as long as the wife was comfortable using it, and it achieved the desired result, it was fine to continue.

The history of the vibrator is interesting.  It was created as a medical treatment for “hysteria” in women in the conservative Victorian age in England. At that time, women with a variety of emotional complaints ranging from depression to anxiety were labelled as having “hysteria”. These psychological issues were often overlooked by the medical community then.     

But some good did arise from the medical use of the vibrator. For women of the Victorian period, many could have experienced an orgasm for the first time as the knowledge of foreplay and the importance of female sexual pleasure were non-existent. For these patients, enjoying sexual satisfaction might have positive effects for them mentally and physically.    

Nowadays, vibrators have been used as an aid for the treatment of women with low sexual desire. Studies have found that vibrators do produce higher levels of arousal, lubrication, and orgasm.

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