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Hormone imbalance

A friend wrote in to us -

Dear Doctor, can you advise how to improve female hormone imbalance? I have been told by my IVF doctor that I may have hormone imbalance. He also said I do not have PCOS but they are behaving like one. Desperately seeking for an answer as I have tried all means but not pregnant for few years. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

The answer -

Female hormones are secreted by the ovaries. If you have an imbalance of female hormones, I presume it means the ovulation is defective or dysfunctional. This would also indicate that the pituitary hormones that direct the ovary to ovulate may be also defective.

As this is a complex problem, you need your doctor to find out what causes defective ovulation so that it could be treated accordingly.

Thanks for writing in to us and and best wishes to our friend in her journey!

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