• Dr Peter Chew

Fried fast food and processed meat and low sperm count

There are studies linking fried fast food and processed meat like bacon and sausages to lower sperm count and poorer sperm quality. Researchers from Harvard Medical School have found that eating too much junk food which contains large amounts of saturated fat is associated with a lower sperm count and quality. Men consuming the most omega-3 fatty acids found in fish had a better sperm quality. This study showed an association but could not establish a cause -effect relationship. Further studies have to be done to confirm the findings as a large proportion of the participants were overweight or obese, which could have had a negative impact on sperm quality as well.

In another study carried out by Harvard Medical School, the scientists found a link between processed meat intake and lower sperm quality. They suggested that chemicals found in processed meat might interfere with male hormone production and thus, affect fertility. Again, a causal relationship could not be established.

All the above studies suggest that to improve your fertility, a good and healthy diet is important.

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