• Dr Peter Chew

Fertility potential

Are there any early “warning” signs that could indicate a potential fertility issue later on?

Though not specific, some early warning signs that could signal a potential fertility issue later include the following: If the woman · Has very irregular periods, · Has menstrual pain which gets worse in severity and duration with time · Has smelly and yellowish discharge · Has persistent spotting in between periods · Has severe discomfort or pain during sexual intimacy · Has had abdominal surgery

Or if the man · Has had many sexual partners before marriage · Has had Sexually transmitted infections · Has had previous surgery for hernia or undescended testis · Is a heavy smokers or alcoholic These are conditions that might affect the couple’s future fertility. They should go for early fertility checks.

You can also check your “fertility potential” by doing a fertility index test (a self-test) on our home page.

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