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Boosting your fertility

You can also take note of the following to boost your fertility

1. Your BMI: An optimal BMI is good for conception. Overweight or underweight in the woman may lead to problems in ovulation and irregular periods. If the man is obese, he may have problem in erection during sexual intimacy.

2. Reduce stress:  Stress is linked to fertility .It is a common knowledge that stress causes women to be childless. Easing stress and getting hold of better coping techniques may improve the total health of the individual, which may result in pregnancy.

3. Sexual intimacy at the right time: The life span of the egg is short. Detection of the ovulation and having sex at the right time is vital in increasing the chances of conception.

4. Medical check for the couple: A gynaecological check-up may detect conditions that cause impairment of the fertility such as endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, fibroids.

Early treatment of these conditions will enhance fertility.

A medical examination of the man may lead to early detection and treatment of varicocoeles, sexual dysfunctions and past STDs.

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