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I had a fibroid removed recently. I was told it was adenomyoma. How is it different from the fibroid?

A. “Fibroid” is a common term referring to a solid, benign growth in the muscle wall of the womb. Under the microscope, two types of “fibroid” can be recognized: “leiomyoma” and “adenomyoma”.

The former arises from the multiplication of the muscle cells and usually presents as multiple lumps that may distort the anatomy of the womb. It can be cored out easily from the womb during operation.

Adenomyoma, on the other hand, results from the lining cells of the womb that have grown into the muscle wall. During menstruation, these lining cells bleed. This causes the surrounding muscle cells to react and form scar tissue around it. With time, a swollen area in the womb called adenomyoma is formed. It mimics “leiomyoma” on ultrasound examination and has similar signs and symptoms. Unlike “leiomyoma” ,it cannot be dissected out easily .

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