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a member of the National Council of Social Service

aLife is a secular, non-profit voluntary welfare organisation that views every child from the moment of conception as a precious gift to be cherished and enjoyed by all. It is committed to educating, advising and supporting women and their families on issues related to the unborn child and the mother's reproductive health.


Feeling stressed, frazzled & unable to cope with life?

If you or someone you know is pregnant and needs support. We are here for you. Call us at:  9183 4483

aLife Limited is a secular non-profit Institute of Public Character (IPC) charity organization and a member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). All personal and corpoate donations are entitled to 2.5 times tax deduction.


Start where you are.

Use what you have.

Do what you can.

Arthur Ashe

We have events lined up for the whole year!

Mothers are at the heart of the family. Children need their mothers. If the mother is there, the children will be there too. For the family to be whole, the children and the mother also need the father to be present in the home.”

Mother Teresa


Counselling can improve your overall sense of well-being and quality of life. With our professionally-trained counsellors, you can talk about and work through your personal life challenges. Our counsellor will help you address your challenges by working with you to clarify issues, explore options, develop coping strategies and increase self-awareness.

aLife offers therapeutic support to couples facing marital crisis as well as counselling to families requiring help in areas such as teenage dilemmas, behavioural and psychological issues​ associated with the stress of raising a family in today's world.


aLife runs a series of programs to help and to provide aid to destitute families in Singapore. These programs are:
- ALMA (aLife Mothers Assistance),
- ALBUM (aLife Befrienders of Beleaguered Mothers),
- YALE (Youth@aLife Evolve),
- BUDS (Best Buddy Support),

- Public Education and Awareness

These programs are long-running initiatives and are fully managed by our program manager with the help of volunteers. Do find out more about these programs.


The Caterpillar Kids' Club is a children's character-building enrichment programme that was launched in 2007. We cater to children from ages of 4 to 12 years old who are from low-income and disadvantaged families. Through comprehensive and immersive programmes, the Caterpillar Club aims to Empower, Educate & Equip the children with necessary life skills.


The programmes of Caterpillar Club are run by a team of competent staff and committed volunteers every Saturday during the school year and on an ad-hoc basis during school holidays.


aLife offers Marriage 101 and Marriage Actually, marriage preparation programs tailored for those who are seriously contemplating marriage as well as newly married couples  who want to see their marriage gets off to a good start, by building a good foundation.

Marriage 101 and Marriage Actually provide the opportunity for you to be open with your partner, to talk honestly about your future life together and explore the multi-faceted vista that marriage presents. The programmes will also help you to know yourself in areas where you are vulnerable, anticipate your needs and your expectations.