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I have been having menstrual cramps for the past 3 years and confirmed with a diagnosis of endometriosis by key-hole surgery recently.  I am 30 years old and getting married next year. What can I do to ease this condition besides taking medications? Read more.....

I am 53 years old and haven’t had a period for three years. But I suddenly got my period again last week. Is it normal? Do I need to consult a gynaecologist? Any examination required? Read more.....

I am 40 years old and have been married for 10 years with 2 children. Recently, I experienced some difficulty in erection. Will any change in lifestyle help me overcome this problem? I am not keen on taking medicine? Read more.....

My friend told me that the gender of the unborn baby can be predicted by observing its heart rates. If the baby’s heart rate is 140 beats per minute (bpm) and above, it is likely to be girl. Is it true? Read more.....

the operation theatre, he held my arms firmly and gave me gentle hug. With voice charged with emotion, he said” Doc, thank you for saving my wife and my baby. Thank you." He was full of joy and gratitude. Tears were rolling down his cheeks as he spoke. Read more.....

I am 45 years old. I had an episode of heavy and prolonged periods recently. My gynaecologist suggested that I should have dilatation and curettage (D&C) to find out the cause. This was done a week ago and the report showed “endometrial hyperplasia”. What is this condition? Could it to cancer? Read more.....

aLife June Newsletter. Read more.....
I am 50 years old with 2 grown up children. Recently my mammogram showed some microcalcifications. Though my family doctor me that the radiologist’s report that they are non- cancerous, I am still very worried. What are microcalcifications? Any relationship with the calcium tablets I take? Read more.....

My close friend, who is single, had an abortion recently. She was very upset soon after the abortion. She got angry with herself easily, and at times felt depressed over the situation. How can I help? Read more.....

I am 20 weeks pregnant. Recently, I had a terrible headache and the doctor told me that it was due to lack of magnesium in the blood. The headache disappeared after I took the magnesium tablets. Are there any food rich in magnesium that I can take? Read more.....

Can I use nail polish and the remover in Pregnancy? Will the chemicals harm my baby? Read more.....

Is it necessary to have “ warm up” and “cool down” routine for exercise? I am beginner and intend to go to gym soon. I am first time mum in my second trimester. Read more.....

Recently, husband consulted me on the use of vibrator, sex-toy for his wife who had low sexual desire. Read more.....

I am 54 year old and menopausal. Recently I had some vague lower abdominal discomfort.  I went for a gynaecological check-up. My gynaecologist suggested CT scan of the pelvis. Is it safe? I heard that the scan may increase my of cancer. Read more.....

Dr Peter Chew's article in Indonesian. Read more.....

What is cervical mucus? Is it important for conception? How do I it from other vaginal discharge? Read more.....

Can I have a positive test on the ovulation kit without ovulation? Read more.....

I am trying to conceive for about 6 months I have been taking soya bean milk every morning and bean curd and tofu frequently, thinking that soy products are good for health. Recently, friends have been advising me to avoid soy products. How does soy affect fertility? Read more.....

I’m 35. My periods were getting light for the last few months. Is there anything wrong? What are the possible causes? Should I see a gynae? Read more.....
I am 28 years old and am six weeks pregnant. This is my first pregnancy. I am having “menses” for the past few days. The bleeding is not heavy. Is this normal? Shall I see a doctor? Read more.....

Will I get gestational diabetes in subsequent pregnancy? Read more.....

Prenatal genetic screening tests
? Read more.....

My wife is feeling anxious during her pregnancy. This is our first pregnancy. Is this normal?  Any other symptoms I should look out for?
Read more.....

What is ovarian cyst? Read more.....

I am 35 years old with 2 children. For the past 6 months, my menses are getting very heavy with the passage of large blood clots.  Is it normal? What are the causes? I consulted my family physician, who gave me iron supplements. How does iron help? Read more.....

I am a teenager and have been diagnosed as having PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). I am having problem with acne. The doctor has advised me to take oral contraceptive pills but I do not feel comfortable taking them. Any dietary advices for my acne? Read more.....

Beads of cold sweat dripped from her forehead. Her face was as white as a sheet. Her extremities were
cold and clammy.
Read more.....

I am 30 years old. Recently, I went for a fertility checkup as I am planning to have a baby. The gynecologist suggested a
AMH blood ​test ? What is it?
...Read more

I started my menstruation at the age of 16. My daughter is now 11. Will she start her period late like me?...Read more

Dr Peter Chew and a team of nurses will be running free fertihelp clinic at aLife Ltd Blk 308 Shunfu Road #01-165 S570308 on Saturdays
2.30pm to 4.30pm on Monthly basis. The current confirmed dates are 27 Dec 2014 and 24 Jan 2015. If you are interested, please make online
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Doc, I feel very uncomfortable recently. I have hot flushes most of the day. I could not sleep well even
in an air-conditioned room. Am I reaching menopause?...Read more

We are trying to have a baby. I use saliva as lubricant as my wife’s vagina is usually dry during
sexual intimacy. Can it affect conception? ...Read more

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Can I get genital wart by using public toilet?...Read more

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Besides eating healthy and making lifestyle changes, what else must I take note to increase my fertility?
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Does stress cause infertility?...Read more

Choosing a right method of contraception-Intra-uterine contraceptive device (IUCD)..Read more

"Doc, I would like to deliver my baby by Caesarean Section (CS) on this date and time"requested Ms T, 30, a first time mum. "This is the auspicious time according to my geomancer". Please read Dr Chew's blog.

Will I be infertile if I put cell phone in my trouser pocket? Please read Dr Chew's blog

Should I go on a diet after delivery to lose weight? Read more to

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Q.I get a painful abdominal cramp during sex. Sometimes quite badly. Why is it? Click here to find out more.

Q. How much do you know about these myths and facts on pregnancy? Click here to find out more.

Q.Want to know about about Gonorrhea, a common STD? Click here to find out more.

Q.Hi doc, what happens to my Husband’s sperm count and quality when he drinks alcohol about once a week, around 1.5L each time? Click Here for the answer!

Q.What is B-HCG? What is placenta?
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Q. What should I do if I find a lump in the breast?

VRQ. What is vaginal rejuvenation procedure?Are you a suitable candidate?

Q.I am 54 years old and have been menopausal for the past 3 years. A friend told me that adding chocolate flavouring to milk can affect my bone density. Is this true? Are there any other food or beverages that can prevent calcium absorption?
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Look Out For Answers to Questions Asked During The Previous Movie Cum Talk event in Cathay Cineleisure on 15th February 2014 under Q&A

Q. I am trying to conceive. Can I wash my vaginal area immediately after sex?

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Q. Should we go for pre test to check for sperm and egg quality if both are over 35 and trying for 1st baby?
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Q. Any difference having sex before sleep (at night) or just wake up (morning)?
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Q. Can yeast infection affect my fertility?

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"M could not control her emotions. She gave me a big hug. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she exclaimed, “Doc, thank you for presenting me with such a wonderful gift.”
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Dr.Peter Chew's blog on SO-IUI

Retrovert Uterus
Q. Does having retroverted uterus reduce pregnancy rate?
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Aspirin & Fertility
Q. I am currently taking aspirin to lower blood platelets. Should I stop taking while trying to conceive?
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Sperm Count
Q. How do I know I have a low sperm count? What are the things to note when I am collecting the semen?
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Semen Collection
Q. I have difficulty obtaining semen sample by masturbation. Is there any other way to obtain the specimen for semen examination? I am trying to have baby for 2 years without success.
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Caffeine & Pregnancy
Coffee is the most popular drink in the world. Some consume it...

Secondary Infertility
"I conceived soon after my honeymoon," she says, " I was the first among all our friends to have a baby."

Ask The Expert
Q.I am now 14 weeks pregnant. Is it safe to fly? Is there any risk to my baby with regards to the exposure to radiation and the low oxygen levels from pressurized cabins?
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Q. What is the relationship between obesity and fertility? Will stapling the stomach help?
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gspot In Singapore Breast Cancer is one of the leading cause of death in woman.
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Coconut Water
Q.My friend tells me that if I drink coconut water in the last trimester, my labour will be easy and my baby’s skin will be smooth and clean. Is it true?
Q:Will drinking young coconut water and eats its white flesh raise blood glucose and raise bad cholesterol level?

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Ask The Expert
Q: How does GnRH agonist work and what are the side effects?
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Q: Is epidural anaesthesia effective for pain relief during labour?
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Q: Do I need treatment for my irregular periods?

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Biological Clock for Males 
Dr. Peter Chew's Blog

Men's biological clock is ticking away just the same as in women.
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Is epidural anaesthesia effective for pain relief during labour? Any side effects and risks?
80% of patients who have had an epidural successfully inserted will get complete nerve block and pain relief.
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Will the lines on my body go away?
The red lines over the breast and tummy are probably stretch marks or striae gravidarum.
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