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aLife’s Mothers’ Assistance (ALMA)

aLife setup ALMA program to help alleviate hardships faced by low-income families with young or ‘special needs’ children, to ensure that these children do not go without basic sustenance in their crucial growing years.

aLife is committed to assisting new mothers who are in financial difficulty to provide the basic necessities to their newborn from birth up, until the infant attains the age of two (2).

Each client who applies to this program will be subjected to a standard means testing by aLife’s in-house case worker, to establish their suitability and if eligible, to be enrolled thereof under the ALMA program.

Once the client’s application is approved, the next step is for aLife to assign a pair of ALMA volunteers to conduct periodic visits (fortnightly on average), to procure and deliver the ALMA items to the client’s home. These include Formula Milk, Disposable Diapers and other essential baby care items like toiletries.

Every 6 months, aLife will review the client’s household situation and circumstances. In the event aLife deems the client to be financially secure, the assistance will be discontinued, to enable aLIfe to accommodate the more immediate needs of other potential ALMA clients.

If, however, upon review, the client’s status quo remains unchanged, and the client is assessed to be still in need of supplies, aLife will extend ALMA’s services for a further 6 months, after which the review will be repeated once more.

ALMA Program is not just for delivering milk, diapers and other basic supplies to needy families. Volunteers are also called to befriend and journey with them, providing the necessary support structure to decrease the social isolation experienced by families with complex needs.

Volunteers befriend, interact and track the progress of the baby’s growth and also journey with the family.

From time to time, and depending on donated stock, aLife may also supply clients with other miscellaneous baby care and mother care items, for instance baby layette clothing, feeding bottles and breast pumps, cots and bedding items and so forth, depending on availability, and upon assessment of the client’s more immediate needs and household situation.

aLife’s Befrienders of Beleaguered Mothers (ALBUM)

aLife believes in supporting young married women within its community who are facing emotional hardship on the home front, owing to difficulties in their marriages, or trouble with parenting and child rearing.

Owing to the multitude of social challenges unleashed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, aLife is witnessing a surge in the number of women seeking a listening ear, as well as counselling support to help them to cope with their daily domestic rigors.

In light of this, aLife has curated a Befrienders of the Beleaguered (ALBUM) Program, as a means of assisting women seeking a measure of friendship and emotional comfort and solace in their time of need.

ALBUM particularly caters to women who are unable to afford basic therapy or even subsidized counselling services, and who are looking for a non-obligatory, heart-to-heart conversation with a fellow sister who understands her situation and who has herself been in a similar predicament in the past.

Befrienders and clients are matched by our in-house case worker based on the client’s past history, as well as her current domestic situation. Upon identifying a befriender-client pair, aLife will set up a preliminary meeting for them to meet and get acquainted at aLife’s premises.

Once this has been established, the befriender will be expected to check-in on her client once or twice a week via phone. Apart from phone conversations, the pair are free to meet up once or twice a month, at a neutral outdoor setting, to allow for a more personal exchange face-to-face.

The befriender will be tasked to submit a report on her progress with the client once a month, to the in-house case worker, for the latter’s review and filing.

Currently aLife has successfully paired several female clients with volunteer befrienders, who have been invaluable sources of inspiration and a rock bed to our clients in their time of need and distress.

In the fullness of time, aLife hopes to send our volunteer befrienders for further training to hone their skills, and equip them with the fundamental tools to establish a deeper rapport and connection with the ladies they journey with.

Our ultimate aim is to provide remedial help to our clients to recognize, isolate and resolve their personal problems in a manner best befitting them. This can only be accomplished by getting them to first open up to a compassionate and kind-hearted fellow sufferer, who has been down the same path, and who can value-add and encourage the client to share her emotional burden, and if need be, seek the necessary treatment and professional help, should her situation call for it.

Youth @aLife’s Evolve (YALE) Program and Best Buddy Support System (BUDS)

Over the years since the inception of Caterpillar Club back in 2007, aLife has seen several batches of kids graduate from this children’s enrichment and literacy club, and transition onward to secondary school and beyond the scope of aLife’s services.


As such aLife has nursed the hope of coming up with a bridging program into which our Caterpillar Kids would be able to transition into, thus remaining within the service boundaries of aLife and thus extending their educational development.

Presently, aLife is proud to offer youth aged 12-16 years old a specially curated and semi-niche program on a modular basis of 8-12 sessions every 4 months, or quarterly.

Each module is tailored toward a specific discipline and learning outcome, to inculcate, equip and hone a particular set of skills and values, as well as expose youth to a specific art medium they might otherwise not have the opportunity of exploring or discovering

Our main target objectives include: -

1.    To identify low-income households with youth interested in enhancing their public speaking skills, confidence and articulation;

2.    To provide a holistically-structured, interactive course with modules ranging from Yoga, Sports,  Speech & Drama, Visual Arts & Etiquette & Decorum;

3.    To tailor modular activities according to the personalities and learning styles of each youth;

4.    To foster a deeper interest in language and improve self-expression and confidence in themselves;

Beyond the YALE Program, aLife also offers a Buddy Support System Program for Youth who are experiencing a range of social and personal challenges. Some of these youth clients may not have any real familial support or may be at a cross road in their lives where they may be vulnerable to negative influences or exposed to exploitation.

Our BUDS Program carefully selects and screens volunteers from tertiary institutions to mentor and befriend youth-at-risk.

Target objectives include:

1.    To teach youth to discern and be wary of strangers posing as ‘friends’;

2.    To gain youth’s trust and help youth make informed decisions by weighing all the pros and cons in any given situation;

3.    To discuss and examine youth-centric issues of the day openly and without bias or preconception;

4.    To help youth to identify high-risk and insalubrious behavior, and how to steer clear of peer-pressure, that can potentially lead to self-harm, substance abuse and a criminal record;

5.    To help wayward youth to curb their willfulness and stem their rebelliousness, by channeling their energy toward more healthy pursuits than mere experimentation and defiance;

6.    To ultimately help youth to attain and cultivate a positive outlook and affirmative self-image

Public Education

With this initiative, our goal is to promote awareness and share knowledge about fertility, health and pregnancy in the form of seminars and movie-talks. Our public education programmes also address current social issues like couplehood, parenthood, family wellness and marital relationships with the aim of building healthy family life.

Our speakers include Dr. Peter Chew, a renowned Senior Consultant Gynaecologist from Gleneagles Hospital who have given many talks on fertility- related medical issues that will benefit those who are thinking of family planning.

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