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Youth @ aLife Evolve (YALE)

For youths (12 to 16 years old) interested in developing their confidence, articulation and social skills

What do we do?

Youth @ aLife's Evolve (YALE) are for youths (12-16 years old) keen on developing and enhancing their confidence, articulation and social skills.​ They are conducted quarterly cycles of 8-12 weeks with holistic and interactive learning journeys and feature sessions under the umbrellas of speech and drama, visual arts, sports, etiquette & decorum.

YALE hopes to build the self-confidence of the youth while opening windows of opportunity to discover one's passion and hidden talents.

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How did YALE Start?

Over the years since the inception of Caterpillar Club back in 2007, aLife has seen several batches of kids graduate from this children’s enrichment and literacy club, and transition onward to secondary school and beyond the scope of aLife’s services. As such aLife has come up with a bridging program into which our Caterpillar Kids would be able to transition into, thus remaining within the service boundaries of aLife and thus extending their educational development.

Our Main Target Objectives

To identify low-income households with youth interested in enhancing their public speaking skills, confidence and articulation;

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To provide a holistically-structured, interactive course with modules ranging from Yoga, Sports,  Speech & Drama, Visual Arts & Etiquette & Decorum;

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To tailor modular activities according to the personalities and learning styles of each youth;

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To foster a deeper interest in language and improve self-expression and confidence in themselves.

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If you would like to join YALE, click register as below!

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Be a Volunteer for YALE!

Join us and make a difference today! YALE volunteers must be responsible, patient, and committed. They are able to interact, manage and mentor children from all walks of life, including those with learning disabilities and/or social/ personality disorders.

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