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SpeakEasy (Literacy)

For children with speech, articulation and literacy issues or whose family feels they require additional assistance and support in catching up to their academic level

What do we do?

aLife’s SpeakEasy is a speech and literacy pilot programme for children aged 4-8 years old from low-income households (per capita household income of <$650) with speech, language and literacy difficulties. Through a multi-sensory approach using songs, books, flashcards, guided playtime, arts and crafts, SpeakEasy aims to enhance and strengthen the child’s interest and command of the English language.

The child enrolled in the SpeakEasy programme will be firstly assessed on his/her suitability and ability. aLife will then tailor a module, schedule and curriculum suited to the child to help him/ her reach the speech, language and literacy milestones.

How is the programme conducted?

Each SpeakEasy module consists of 8 to 10 personalised sessions of 1.5 hour duration and are carried out by a trained volunteer. SpeakEasy can be conducted at aLife’s centre or at the centre (subject to availability) nearest to the client’s residential address.

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Song & Games

Duration: 15 min

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Guided Play

Duration: 20min

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Duration: 30 min

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Duration: 25 min

Call us at 6258 8816 during office hours or email us below today!

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Be a Collaborator

Primarily through client referral from Social Service Agencies (SSAs). aLife works closely with SSAs to ensure that the family is helped holistically. Contact us if you are an SSA that knows of a low-income family who could benefit from SpeakEasy

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Be a Volunteer Teacher

If you love children and wish to help them to gain their confidence and be school-ready then support aLife in their mission to journey with the families in need by being a SpeakEasy teacher

How can you help?

How does a child benefit?

6-year old Tim has always found it challenging to identify foundation words like his friends in school.

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As he struggled more, his teachers and parents found him speaking up less in school as well. Tim’s mum was unable to send Tim for any enrichment tuition due to her family’s low income as well. She aired her concerns to her family’s social worker who referred Tim to aLife’s SpeakEasy.


Over the 8 sessions with Tim, his mum noticed that Tim was able to speak more clearly and identify words better. Tim also seemed to look forward to his sessions as each lesson was tailored to Tim’s interests and needs. Now, Tim is able to slowly catch up in school and more importantly, is confident in attempting new words and participating in class.

Eligible clients are accepted mainly on referral basis from Social Service Agencies/Family Service Centres.

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"I felt really proud when my cute client was able to express himself clearly and confidently."

– Ms Casey, a SpeakEasy volunteer teacher

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