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Public Education

aLife has incorporated a comprehensive package of public education programs in the form of seminars and movie-talks.

How does it work?

With this initiative, our goal is to promote awareness and share knowledge about current social issues like couplehood, parenthood, family wellness and marital relationships with the aim of building healthy family life.

Our speakers include Dr. Peter Chew, a renowned Senior Consultant Gynaecologist from Gleneagles Hospital who has given many talks on fertility-related medical issues that will benefit those who are thinking of family planning.

What topics do we cover?

aLife is committed to educating the public on fertility appreciation and female reproductive health. Our talks are intended for couples experiencing difficulty conceiving. Our speakers will share tips on how to detect a woman's reproductive cycle, chart ovulation accurately and determine fertility profiles.

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Fertility Awareness

aLife believes that gaining a deeper understanding on the importance of life begins in school, as pre-teens and adolescents are at their most impressionable age. With this is mind, aLife successfully conducted a series of School Sex Education Talks, approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE), and offered to mainstream secondary and tertiary schools.

Topics covered during Fertility Awareness Talks:

  • Ways of detecting ovulation

  • How to improve sperm quality?

  • How to optimize one's fertility?

  • Effect of nutrition and lifestyle habits on fertility

  • What is fertility awareness?

  • DIY on your fertility index

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Sexuality Education

(Definition: the state of being a parent and the responsibilities involved)



Transitioning into motherhood - everything an expectant mother needs to know:

  • Pregnancy Week by Week, Tips & other Must-Knows

  • The Benefits of Breastfeeding for both Mother & Baby

  • Nutrition during Pregnancy - Eating Right for Two

  • Parent's Guide to Cord Blood - 5 Questions about Cord Blood Banking

  • 10 Characteristics of a Good Mom, and tips to improve even if you're struggling



  • The role of the father in the cognitive, social & emotional development of a child

  • Qualities of an involved father include being engaged, responsible, nurturing & accepting

Parenting Top 10 Tips

  • Identify your child's strengths

  • Punishing a child is not as effective as using praise and rewards

  • Avoid negative emotional reactions, such as anger, sarcasm, and ridicule

  • Don't compare siblings

  • Get support if you need it

  • Children need positive attention

  • Monitor your child's use of the internet

  • Accept that life changes when you have a child

  • Parent by example

  • Don't give up on your child, ever!

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All families face challenges from time to time. Some common challenges families face includes:


  • Moving house

  • Separation or divorce

  • Parenting issues

  • Pressure at work or school

  • Unemployment and financial problems

  • Illness or disability of a family member

  • Death of a family member

  • Drug, alcohol & substance abuse

  • Gambling addiction

  • Domestic violence

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Family Health

Women bear exclusive health concerns, such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, menopause, and pregnancy. Among the conditions that present most frequently in women, the following pose considerable health risks.


  • Heart disease

  • Breast cancer

  • Ovarian and cervical cancer

  • Gynecological health

  • Pregnancy issues

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • Depression and anxiety

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Women's Health

The three most common lifestyle habits contributing to poor health for men are smoking, drinking, and overeating. Fortunately, these habits can be changed, thus reducing the incidence of many of the following:


• Cardiovascular disease

• Respiratory disease

• Prostate cancer

• Erectile dysfunction

• Alcohol use

• Depression & suicide

• Diabetes

• Skin cancer

• Liver disease

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Men's Health

aLife has piloted movie screenings cum talks on selected social issues in collaboration with leading healthcare service providers. Topics covered at aLife Movie-Talks include:


  • Women's' Wellness

  • Embracing Parenthood

    • Parenting is all about teamwork

    • Achieving work-life balance

    • Verbal communication with your kids

  • Fertility circuit talks

    • Fertility health check to assess fertility wellness

  • Parenthood

    • Enjoy the incredible journey!

    • Becoming parents for the first time

    • Post-delivery slimming

    • Myths & Facts about pregnancy

    • Is storing stem cells necessary?

    • Start right, Start bright - giving baby a head start

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Movie-Talks & aLife Seminars

Check out our webinars and seminars at our Upcoming Events page.

Where to get updated?

Current & Past Webinars/Seminars

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