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Fertility declines with age, for both men and women. 您知道吗?生育能力将随着年龄增长而下降。

Dr Chew: Chances of pregnancy decline with age, while risks of miscarriages and foetal abnormalities increase with age. At 24 yrs old, a woman’s chances of natural conception are about 25% per month. At 35, it’s down to only 5%. As for men, his age is also critical in conception as sperm quality and quantity decline after 35 years. Risks of miscarriage and foetal abnormalities are higher too. So do plan early as baby-making is not a matter of hitting the jackpot on the very first try!

周志勇医生: -         一个女人在24岁时,自然生育能力是每个月百分之25,但到了35岁,就下降到只有百分之5。 -         男性的年龄也至关重要。精子的素质和数量在35岁过后开始下降。胎儿的风险将随之提高。 -         提早规划是关键。您应该在身体处于最佳状态时生育。

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