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Marriage Preparation

aLife offers specially tailored programmes to help couples build a good foundation in their marriages as well as prepare couples for real life

How does it work?

Couples can choose their sessions to be conducted individually or in a cosy group setting. Under the guidance of experienced professional trainers, couples are given personal time to discuss practical issues and be provided with tools to navigate potential marital conflicts, particularly those that tend to occur in the early marital years.

What topics do we cover?

Alife Marriage Preparation Topic 1.png

Conflict Management

Alife Marriage Preparation Topic 7.png

Financial Planning

Alife Marriage Preparation Topic 2.png

Communication Skills

Alife Marriage Preparation Topic 6.png

Family of Origin

Alife Marriage Preparation Topic 5.png

Sexual Intimacy and Fertility

Alife Marriage Preparation Topic 8.png

Understand roles & responsibilities and work towards commitment

Alife Marriage Preparation Topic 3.png

In-laws Relationship

Alife Marriage Preparation Topic 4.png

Self-Knowledge and Building on Couples' strengths

Couples* attending either Marriage 101 or Marriage Actually, which are endorsed by MSF, for the first time are entitled to a $70 rebate from MSF upon completion of the programme. 

*Either one of the spouses must be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident. The Marriage Preparation Programmes are not applicable for Singapore Citizen – Non-Resident (SC-NR) couples seeking to apply for LTVP at ICA. Please refer to MSF website for Marriage Programmes for SC-NR couples.

Our Marriage Preparation Programmes

Enjoy $70 off our programme!

Our Marriage Preparation Programmes

Suitable for all committed couples, soon-to-weds and newlyweds

Happy Couple

Marriage 101

Duration:  9-hour session

Location: Hybrid of In-Person & Online via Zoom 

Marriage 101 is conducted by a team of experienced volunteer professionals who are experts in their fields using in-house materials. 

Cost per couple:


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Marriage Actually Group

Duration: 8 hour + 2 hour (private)

Location: Hybrid of In-Person & Online via Zoom 

Marriage Actually uses Prepare-Enrich materials, including a couple profiling tool. It also comes with a 2-hour individual couple session with the Prepare-Enrich Facilitator.

Cost per couple:


Legal Marriage

Marriage Actually Individual Couple

Duration: 8-hour session

Location: In-person at aLife Centre (Shunfu/Marymount)

Marriage Actually offers a fully private marriage preparation session using Prepare-Enrich materials for couples who prefer individualized attention. 

Cost per couple:


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Happy Couple

Hear it from our Happy Couples!

"Good, the trainer shared a lot of their personal experience with us and the course is interesting."

The trainers are willing to answer our queries and we got to know more about marriage.

I found the programme helpful to my relationship.

Meet Our Marriage Prep Trainers

Peter Chew.jpg

Dr. Peter Chew Chee Tong

Dr Peter Chew is an experienced obstetrician and gynaecologist at Gleneagles Hospital. He also teaches and trains postgraduate doctors in the clinical management of sub-fertility, both locally and regionally. He has published more than 100 research papers in peer-reviewed journals, as well as contributed to local magazines and papers. Dr Chew specializes in endometriosis, ovarian cysts, vaginal discharge and general obstetrics and fertility treatment services.


Dr Chew is a resource speaker for many public seminars, TV forums and interviews. He is the founder of aLife and has conducted marriage preparation talks related to sexual intimacy and fertility since 2012.

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