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Programmes for Families

Our Assistance and Support

aLife runs programs to build strong and healthy families, with a special focus on vulnerable and low-income families. These comprehensive suites of services cater to the growing needs of young families, couples contemplating marriage and families going through challenging times.

Our Programmes


Support Unplanned Pregnancies Resource Facilitation

For women who are confronted by unplanned and unsupported pregnancies

Our resource facilitation offers clients a friendly and impartial setting to present and discuss their situations. The main objective is for clients to obtain clarity so as to make informed choices they are comfortable with.

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aLife Professional Counsellors

For individuals, families and couples seeking help to solve issues such as marital challenges, sexuality issues, anger management issues, eating disorders, the stress of raising a family in today's world, and more

Book our Counsellor for an appointment either online or via phone 91834483.

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aLife's Mothers' Assistance

For new mothers who have financial difficulty providing basic necessities to their newborns

We help alleviate hardships faced by low-income families with young or ‘special needs’ children, to ensure that these children do not go without basic sustenance in their crucial growing years.

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Marriage Preparation

For couples who want to build a good foundation in their marriage as well as prepare couples for real life

Our marriage preparation programmes are endorsed by MSF. First-time couples are entitled to a $70 rebate from MSF upon completion of the programme.

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Public Education

For anyone who seeks to know more about fertility, health, and pregnancy

Our public education programs also address current social issues like couplehood, parenthood, family wellness and marital relationships with the aim of building healthy family life.

We are here for you

aLife is a secular non-profit Institute of Public Character (IPC) charity organization and a member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). We are committed to educating, advising and supporting women and their families.

If you need immediate help, call us at 9183 4483.

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