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Counselling Services

Are you facing difficulties?

You are not alone

aLife engages professional counsellors who provide therapeutic support to:

  • Couples facing a marital crisis

  • Family Counselling

  • Teenage Dilemmas (identity crisis, sexuality issues & eating disorders)

  • Strained in-laws’ relations

  • Depression and suicidal tendencies

  • Bereavement of a loved one

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How do we help?

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Identify the Problem

Never underestimate the importance of mental health. If you need to talk, there is nothing wrong with seeking a professional. Start by taking the first step, and reach out to us. 

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Discuss Coping Mechanisms

Let our professional counsellors navigate through your life's challenges in order to provide their therapeutic support.

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Discover the Best Course of Action

Help us to help you.

Improve your overall sense of well-being and quality of life gradually.

We promise confidentiality

Our counselling sessions are conducted in a discreet and conducive setting at our premises. Sessions are specially tailored to accommodate either both partners at one sitting or one at a time, depending on the couple’s wishes.

We are here for you

We understand the issues associated with the increasing stress in today's world. Whether the problem stems from a psychological dysfunction or an overwhelming personal challenge, aLife counselling services will be a step in the right direction.

Breathe in, and take the first step today.