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Best Buddy Support System (BUDS)

For children & youth who struggle socially to benefit from light educational assistance and mentorship.

What do we do?

Best Buddy Support System (BUDS) is a program for children & youth from low income households or dysfunctional families. The program is targeted at children & youth who are struggling socially and/or could benefit from light educational assistance and mentorship. ​


Our BUDS Program carefully selects and screens volunteers from tertiary institutions to mentor and befriend youth at risk.

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How did BUDS Start?

Over the years since the inception of Caterpillar Club back in 2007, aLife has seen several batches of kids graduate from this children’s enrichment and literacy club, and transition onward to secondary school and beyond the scope of aLife’s services. As such aLife has come up with a bridging program into which our Caterpillar Kids would be able to transition into, thus remaining within the service boundaries of aLife and thus extending their educational development.

Our Main Target Objectives

To give emotional and social support to the child/youth so that they can be more confident, resilient and emotionally stable;

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To help youth to attain and cultivate a positive outlook and affirmative self-image;

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To ensure the well-being of the child/youth so that no child/youth falls through the cracks in fast-paced society.

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If you would like to join BUDS, contact us as below!

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Be a Volunteer for BUDS!

Join us and make a difference today! BUDS volunteers must be responsible, patient, and committed. They are able to interact, manage and mentor children from all walks of life, including those with learning disabilities and/or social/ personality disorders.

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