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aLife Befrienders of Beleaguered Mothers (ALBUM)

aLife believes in supporting young women within its community who are facing emotional hardship on the home front, owing to difficulties in their marriages, or trouble with parenting and child rearing.

Owing to the multitude of social challenges unleashed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, aLife is witnessing a surge in the number of women seeking a listening ear, as well as emotional support to help them to cope with their daily domestic rigors. In light of this, aLife has curated a Befrienders of the Beleaguered (ALBUM) Program, as a means of assisting women seeking a measure of friendship and emotional comfort and solace in their time of need.

ALBUM particularly caters to women who are looking for a heart-to-heart conversation with a fellow sister who understands her situation and who has herself been in a similar predicament in the past. Befrienders and clients are matched by our in-house case worker based on the client’s past history, as well as her current domestic situation. Upon identifying a befriender-client pair, aLife will set up a preliminary meeting for them to meet and get acquainted at aLife’s premises.

Once this has been established, the befriender will be expected to check-in on her client weekly by phone. Apart from phone conversations, the pair are free to meet up once or twice a month, at a neutral outdoor setting, to allow for a more personal exchange face-to-face. Currently aLife has successfully paired several female clients with volunteer befrienders, who have been invaluable sources of inspiration and a rock bed to our clients in their time of need and distress.

Our ultimate aim is to provide remedial help to our clients to recognize, isolate and resolve their personal problems in a manner best befitting them. This can only be accomplished by getting them to first open up to a compassionate and kind-hearted fellow sufferer, who has been down the same path, and who can value-add and encourage the client to share her emotional burden, and if need be, seek the necessary treatment and professional help, should her situation call for it.

If you would like to help by being an ALBUM befriender, please Contact Us.

If you know of someone who is in need of emotional support, call us at 62588816.